Schmitz's Economart - located in Spooner, Wisconsin has been serving the area since 1937. Economart is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week.
Schmitz's Economart in Spooner, WI has an expanded Deli department that has a dining area and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
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Please take the time to email us about our store and services (click on the text link below). If you have a suggestion or a comment about this site, e-mail us and we will be sure to return an email back to you.  You may request a special order or get a price quote from specific departments.


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Bakery Department Pharmacy
Frozen Department Johnson Bank
Health & Beauty Department Customer Relations
Deli Department Other Information
Pricing Department  
Dairy Department  
General Grocery Department SCHMITZ'S ECONOMART
Produce Department 700 S. River St. Spooner, WI 54801
Liquor Department PHONE: 715-635-2836
Meat Department FAX: 715-635-8250
1Manager Contact Information... Schmitz's Economart in Spooner, WI - northern Wisconsin's number one Grocery Store
Ted Schmitz (Owner)
Steve Olson
Chuck Okonek
Carol Strenke
Northern Wisconsin's most complete grocery store - open 24 hours - 7 days a week. Schmitz's Economart - 700 S. River St. Spooner, WI 54801
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