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Step into our Deli Department, where a spread of the town's favorite take-home meals is always ready to greet you. With hours stretching from 7 AM until 7 PM, Monday through Saturday, and closing just an hour earlier on Sundays, there's ample time to grab something delicious.

Lining the coolers, find an inviting selection of salads made right here in the deli, each bursting with freshness. Among these, the potato salad stands out, having earned rave reviews from locals and visitors alike. Do not pass up the chance to experience its creamy goodness. Sushi lovers will revel in our handcrafted sushi rolls, perfect for a quick yet satisfying bite.

Serving the Spooner community, a variety of high-quality deli meats and cheese await, including the much-loved Kretchmar Meats. Whether it is sliced thin for sandwiches or chunked for snacks, these premium cuts are sure to elevate any meal.

In need of a specific order or curious about what other tasty treats can be whipped up in the deli? Simply pick up the phone and dial our direct line—friendly staff are on hand to answer questions and help arrange your next mouthwatering pick-up.

Call our direct line to place an order or ask the deli about the great foods we can prepare for you.

Managed by:
April Melton

(715) 635-7700

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