A burst of vibrant color to brighten the day or a delightful surprise for a cherished one with exquisite flowers in Spooner is just within reach. Schmitz's Economart stands ready with a fresh and budget-friendly selection of flowers, all available during your routine shopping trip.


Convenience and Simplicity:

The opportunity to pick up stunning flowers during your grocery shopping eliminates the need for an additional trip to a separate store. This approach offers a swift and straightforward method of introducing a touch of beauty into the day whilst attending to other shopping needs.


Floral Variety:

Schmitz's Economart boasts an extensive variety of floral options. Shoppers have the freedom to select from timeless classics, vibrantly mixed bouquets, or favorites that change with the seasons.


Budget-Friendly Beauty:

What sets Schmitz's Economart apart is the affordability of their beautiful flowers. The enjoyment derived from these blooms doesn't have to come with a steep price tag. It's an economical way to sprinkle a little sunshine into someone's day.


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