Tucked away in the close-knit community of Spooner, Schmitz's Economart offers more than groceries—it houses a pharmacy that caters to the town's health needs with a focus on convenience. Drive-thru service allows for quick and comfortable prescription pickups without having to exit the car, perfect for those on the go or juggling a busy schedule.

For those who enjoy the experience of shopping in person, there's an entrance on the north side that leads directly into the heart of the store. Inside, the aisles are neatly packed with a wide variety of pharmaceuticals, and every shelf is thoughtfully organized to make finding just what you need straightforward and stress-free.

The staff at Schmitz's pharmacy are known for their personal touch. They're always ready to help, whether it’s answering questions, offering advice, or simply providing service with a smile. This kind of personalized care is what makes the pharmacy more than a mere section of the store—it’s a key part of the community's fabric.

Each visit to this full-service pharmacy inside Schmitz's Economart means being met with meticulous attention to detail and genuine care. It's a place where customers leave not only with their prescriptions but also with peace of mind, assured that their health is in good hands within the familiar surroundings of their trusted local market.

Monday - Friday: 9:30 AM to 6:00 pm