Come Explore Schmitz's Economart's Meat Section!

At Schmitz's Economart, we pride ourselves in our meat and butcher department. We've got chicken, pork, beef and more, and we can cut them just the way you like.

Top-Quality Meats:

When you shop at Schmitz's Economart, you're getting the best meat around. We're proud to offer USDA Choice Angus Pride Beef, which means it's some of the finest beef you can find. Our pork is fully trimmed, so you don't have to worry about extra fat. The poultry we offer is Grade A, so you know it's good quality. We even have top-quality frozen seafood.

Pick and Go:

If you're in a hurry or don't feel like cooking from scratch, we also have some ready-to-cook items as well. You can find things like bacon, hotdogs, and sausages..

Ask for Help:

If you're not sure what meat to get or how to cook it, our friendly team is here to help. We'll give you tips and advice to make sure your meals turn out great.

So, whether you're an expert chef or just getting started in the kitchen, our meat section has everything you need for tasty meals. Visit our store in Spooner, WI, and discover how easy and fun it is to cook delicious food with our top-quality meat. We can't wait to help you make great meals!


The quality and selection of our Spooner meat department along with our service will bring you back again.

Managed by: Gary Redman