Dynamite Chardonnay, North Coast, 2013

Our Chardonnay's bright fruit character, laced with ripe apple and pineapple, has delicate vanilla and nutty nuances. Elegantly balanced with crispness and rich complexity, this wine makes a dynamite match with lobster bisque, grilled tuna, pasta with cream sauce, roast chicken and ripe, buttery cheeses. The inspiration for the name Dynamite came from hillside vineyards so thick with volcanic rock that we blasted with dynamite to plant the vines. Our colorful label, by Stephen Ward, illustrates the Pomo Indian legend behind the diamond-like quartz that sparkles in the soils of one of our volcanic vineyards: The Moon wept when she could not be with her love, a Pomo chieftain, and her tears fell to the earth, forming glistening Moon Tears. Taste the magic in our legendary wines. www.DynamiteVineyards.com. Alc 13.8% by vol. Cellared & bottled by Dynamite Vineyards Sonoma, California.