Fris Vodka 1.75 L Bottle Of Vodka 80 Proof

FRÏS Vodka gets its name from the cutting-edge Freeze Filtered technology used to make it. After being distilled four times, the vodka is Freeze Filtered in sub-zero temperatures to remove any impurities before being blended with purified water. As a result, FRÏS is an exceptionally clean, crisp vodka with a smooth taste. Pretty cool, huh? We think so. Since our vodka is made cold, it's best served that way. Drink it in frozen cocktails, serve it chilled, or FRÏS your hard seltzer by topping off your favorite can. Go out if you want or stay in if you will, but however you choose, keep it cold and enjoy the vibes that come with the World's Chïllest Vodka.