GE Indoor Floodlight Soft White 65W

GE Indoor Floodlight Soft White 65W. Comfortable, Inviting Light™. Directional BR30. 1.8 Year Life*. Brightness 610 Lumens. 120 V. Let GE show you what light can do: From light that lets you see every detail to light that helps you connect with family and friends, from vibrant to gentle - GE's new home lighting solutions make it easy to find the right light for your home. Subtle, Reassuring Light: 200 - 399 Lumens. Cozy, Relaxing Light: 400 - 599 Lumens. Comfortable, Inviting Light: 600 - 1049 Lumens Fresh, Energizing Light: 1050 - 1489 Lumens. Strong, Vibrant Light: 1490 - 5000 Lumens. • Use original Soft White from GE when you need a light without glare and harsh shadows. • Replace ordinary light bulbs with Flood and Spotlight bulbs from GE in all your track and recessed lighting fixtures. • Floodlights from GE cast a wider beam that adds drama to fireplaces, kitchen counters and entryways. • Plus, they are designed with GE's exclusive silver coating technology, so they provide greater light output than standard aluminum reflectors. Lighting Facts Per Bulb: Life based on 3 hrs/day - 1.8 years. Energy Used - 65 watts. *Based on 3 hours use per day. Call: 800-GE-Light. Visit us on the internet: