Hempeh Tempeh, Asian Miso Ginger

18 g of digestible protein per serving. Gluten free. Vegan-Vegetarian. Cholesterol free. Made with non-GMO ingredients. Tempeh made with soybeans & hemp seeds. Hempeh is an innovative new plant protein that combines the centuries old culturing process of tempeh, with the superfood qualities of hemp. The result is one of the most nutrient dense and environmentally friendly proteins on the market. Give your belly a break from all the bull, and enjoy this digestible and omega rich entree as a staple in your diet. Sustainability permeates every aspect of our philosophy. We are committed to using only the highest ingredients, grown without GMOs and sourced as locally as possible. eathempeh.com. Scan to check out the Smiling Hara story. Visit our website to learn more! EatHempeh.com. Living Wage Certified. Please recycle this carton.