Honeydrop Lemonade, Cayenne, Cold-Pressed

4 grams of sugar. 100% raw US honey. We handcrafted our cayenne lemonade with a drop of raw honey to bring you the best of both worlds, an 'ade that's refreshing and functional and with only 4 g of sugar! Our cold-pressed lemon juice is upgraded with a combo of cayenne, raw US honey and a dash of stevia to create this purifying pick-me-up. This spicy lover will both heat you up and cool you down. Now that's hot! honeydrop.com. 9% juice beverage. Buy a Bottle, Save a Bee: A portion of proceeds from every bottle goes to Seven Hills Global Outreach (www.sevenillsglobaloutreach.org) a nonprofit helping cooperatives in developing countries flight Colony Collapse Disorder and further economic development. High Pressure Processed (HPP); never heated, always raw. Fact: All organic honey is imported in the US. We use US honey to support local beekeepers. Contains bee pollen. 4 g of sugar. 16 calories per bottle. Can sooth sore throats. 22 amino acids + vitamins. Promotes natural energy. Sustainably sourced. (These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.)