Teavana Black Tea, Modern Earl Grey, Filter Bags

Black tea, bergamot citrus & soft lavender notes. Caffeine Guide: 40+ mg; 26-39 mg; 16-25 mg; 1-15 mg; caffeine - free. Values are based on a 236 ml / 8 fl oz serving and reflect our standard brewing methods. A standard 236 ml / 8 oz drip coffee contains 150 mg caffeine. Caffeine Level: 26-39 mg. A tea-lightful twist on tradition, blending robust black teas and fragrant bergamot citrus with a hint of lavender. Teavana crafts vibrant blends of the finest teas and botanicals to colour your world with imagination. how2recycle.info. This box is composed of at least 50% post-consumer recycled material.