The Republic Of Tea Black Tea, Blackberry Sage, Bags

Fruity black tea blended with herbs. Certified Gluten-free. Steeps 50 cups. Natural, unbleached tea bags. Tea for wisdom. For a Wise Tea Mind: This soothing cup rekindles the spirit. The first sip produces a soft berry note floating atop the taste of smooth, clean tea, the next uncovers the head-clearing character of white sage with its wispy coolness dancing at the back of the throat. An enhancing tea and herb blend. Good for sipping and singing. With a single sip the cloud of busy mind is made to pass and the light of life breaks through to show us what we have kept concealed from ourselves all along. The minister of leaves. (hashtag)SipbySip. Join our tea revolution! Discover more than 300 great-tasting premium teas and herbs. 1-800-294-4Tea (4832) Only sustainable ingredients are used. Save this recyclable. airtight container to store refills. Packaged in USA.